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As soon as I get home, there's the news that there is a big emergency meeting amongst the committee members tonight.

I guess there is more truth to the allegations than I thought!  There are many questions surrounding the scoring of the bands, questions that need to be answered.  Like why were the judges forced to do their scoring in pencil?  From since I was in school I was taught that everything official had to be done/recorded in writing AND IN PEN. Preferably black ink.  It was also brought to my attention last night that some bands were supposed to be disqualified and let me say, there was NO mention of China Mas being disqualified.  So you tell me, what in the HECK is REALLY going on?  Hmm.

On a brighter note, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they were quite pleased with the cooperation of the mud and paint bands *ahem*cough* Big & Strong and Natural Freaks!!! *cough*ahem* (sorry, this cold). They stayed within the guidelines and were on their best behavior throughout all the foolishness.  Im still a New Yorker at heart, (although I now live in South Florida) so I know how we can get down. 

As the story unfolds and I am enlightened, I will try to keep you all informed.



  1. I really hope they are able to get this right. It is disturbing to realize just how important one man was to their entire operation. RIP Selwyn.

  2. YOU! I hope so too Dalia, concerning the judging I hope its straightened out for all band leaders as for we masqueraders, we just hope it doesn't affect us ON THE ROAD for next year (please God)

  3. There were those same issues when he was alive. Now it's just out of control. Like a friggin free for all. Every man jack for dem self. No unity!

  4. No unity is the cry of all but I dont see anyone making a real attempt to UNIFY! It doesn't take that much but seems almost impossible to achieve.

  5. The biggest issue is that carnival is a business, but the people at the topare not business savvy anymore. Carnival happens annually. Where was the sponsorship and support from non-Caribbena entities as we have seen in the past? Where was the support from Caribbean entities? What happened to encouraging good customer service from the mas bands so that the carnival can grow and continue? Where was the interest in seeing that our audience is enlightened, entertained and wants to return the next year? This has officially reached crisis mode. It is time to get down to brass tacks and really start treating this like the serious entity that it is. Masqueraders and spectators spend too much for things to be so off kilter.

  6. **Nodding head and agreeing completely* with Dalia



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