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I am only selling it as I bought it because I wasn't there to see any of it, I was too busy in my own band havin a time!  But here it goes.  I have copied and pasted what I was just sent.

In Miami carnival 2010, judging results are not what judges wrote on the scoring form.  Not to mention were told to write their scores in pencil!!!!!!!!!!!! China (as in China Mas)  should not have been second place. They should have been disqualified for having only 80 something people in their band. When to compete you were to have AT LEAST 150 playing masqueraders. Judges also gave China 100 something as their score and they 'mysteriously' ended up with over 200 points in the aftermath......   hmmmmm think about it, why were judges told to write their score in pencil?

*What a disappointment!  I got this message and could not believe it!!! I have repeatedly said that as a masquerader, I do not really care about the placement of my band too tough because at the end of the day, that money does not go in my pocket.  What IS important to me is how sexy my costume looks on the road, how well it stands up to all the whining, jabbing and jooking, how good of a time I have, the musical selection and mixes of the DJ's, how well they played and the customer service leading up to it all!!!!

This however is a problem for those who DO care, who DO have financial gain, to the band leaders and designers!  People, THIS IS A COMPETITION!!!!!! A REAL ONE!!!! There are actual prizes, money, awards and recognition given to the rightful winners of this competition and its sad how people would take what others have worked so hard and slaved over as a joke!!!!!!  I mean, what is the sense in even having a scoring system if it was already known who they wanted in what place before the show even started! Lets think about it, from JUMP STREET THEY WERE TOLD TO WRITE THEIR SCORES IN PENCIL!!!  My source says that her aunt was one of the judges and she did confirm that they actually were told to do all scoring in pencil.  So, only time will tell because all things in the dark have a nasty way of showing up very bright in the light!*

Please inform or forward this information to all Miami carnival mas players and Miami carnival lovers........

*that of MY opinion



  1. Now i really dont care for who win or not as long as i have a good time, but come on i mean this sort of corruption in such an event is utterly ridiculous and someone should answer for this because what about the masqueraders who really wanted to win an was in a band that deserved to win. Don't get me wrong i dont like China Mas Group so i thought they were placed to high to begin with,but judges writing in pencil? Questions shoud be raised such as; Who gave tho order to these judges to write in pencil? Who got paid off etc. What about band leaders who worked hard over the past year with the intention to win band of the year? it just seem as though they never had a chance to begin with. If all this corruption is taking place it is a shame to see us as carribbean people would stoop so low as to cheat,rig (whatever you want to classify it as)a fun filled event that has been a part of our history for such a long time. I'm pretty sure the founding farthers of carnival are looking disappointed at what our tradition become!!! by Jervon 'SHOTTA' Franklin



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