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It would be the day I lose ALL patience and post a blog concerning the slow announcements of the 2010 Miami-Broward Band of the Year that the (MBOCHCI) MIAMI-BROWARD ONE CARNIVAL HOST COMMITTEE, INC.decides to hold their meeting the very same day. YESTERDAY! I posted the blog entry at or about 6:30 pm then I get a phonecall after 9pm with the official results, the BBM started going off with thanks and congratulations and still, no official posting on the website besides the results from the carnival in 2009.

Some band members, masqueraders and leaders were disappointed as they came in really low while others came in way higher than expected. Is this crazy? Are the results incorrect or unfair? DONT KILL ME FOR SAYING THIS BUT............I can't give the judges wrong. There were some cases where I just dont see it but then again, I DIDN'T see it. I didn't see ALL of the costumes or see how they were portrayed on the stage. Judges are judging performance, display and presentation of costumes. They are watching how the costumes stand up for hours and how well they have 'made it' to the stage. They are giving points for color combinations, originality, how materials, sequins, beads and feathers glisten, sparkle and shine in the sun and sway alongside the wind. How well the costumes stuck to theme, things of that sort. They have NO IDEA of how some masqueraders were in mascamps making their own costumes that they paid for, (in some cases) months in advance. They are ignorant to the fact that there were some bands with poor and little to no customer service. They also didn't have a clue that some bands lost more than half of their masqueraders at the "gated entrance" due to the 'coupled' entry and being trampled all over once inside. The stampede disgusted enough of the masqueraders and they elected to leave.

Honestly, there really isn't any way for them to be aware of the pre"stage" mishaps and can only judge what they see on the stage. Im sorry with all who disagree with the results and I am happy for all that are content. I for one don't care too tough about the results and just care to have a time on the road. But for those who do, dont be 'offended' by the results of the judging because that has nothing to do with it. As a masquerader, I urge you to not only fall in love with your costume but do some research, read reviews of previous masqueraders, direct your questions and or comments whether good or bad with band leaders/members so they can take it up with the right people.

Although I did get the results via BBM, telephone and email. I want to be able to post what I see in black and white on the website and that my dears, I repeat, have not been posted. SMH



  1. that is just sad but as a jusdge that is really not their concern what they are concerned about is how everything glisten in the sun how well coordinated the colors were and things of that nature but in the end everyone will never be happy but as for the wait on those results,that is totally unsatisfactory for an organization that is making money, customer satisfaction should always be a priority so i say again unsat on behalf of the committee posted by jervon "shotta" franklin



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