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On the 3rd of October was the extremely festive event of the kiddies carnival for the 'Miami Carnival' children. I did not attend this event for personal reasons (fixin the ole car lol) but was made to understand that the 'kiddies' carnival was in free entrance and parking. The carnival was very nice, minor hiccups (which were to be expected) and was just all around a very pleasant attraction that ran for the most, very smoothly. The best is that the children, (who don't care in the least) got their results that very said same day!!!!!!!!!! So let me understand, please. Why on Earth are the adult bandleaders and masqueraders STILL awaiting the results of the Miami-Broward Band Of The Year?

Lets state the facts. The facts are that the carnival on Sunday was planned poorly, started late, had parking issues ranging from no signs at the parking lots to the costly unexpected prices to be paid for the parking. Some said it was costly because not all of the people that paid to park were masqueraders and had to pay additional money to gain entrance to the stadium to view the parade of bands. That cost ranged from $20-$25. Lets not talk about the ridiculous system they had that only allowed TWO MASQUERADERS into the stadium at a time, from ONE ENTRANCE, the stampedes that followed (due to that madness), the police brutality TOWARD MASQUERADERS AND pedestrians alike and the constant waiting that some of the masqueraders had to endure on the 199th Street strip. For all these 'hiccups' that we had to cope with, why didn't the adults get to find out the results in the same speed as the kiddies? Give us SOME KIND of gratification by posting SOMETHING on the website like...........results coming soon, anything!!!! If not on Sunday itself at least the following day! TODAY IS WEDNESDAY PEOPLE!!!!!

I argued this point with a friend of mine today that compared the Miami-Broward Carnival Committee to WIADCA in New York and to be honest with you, I am not open minded to that. New York is New York and Florida is Florida. For arguments sake, I will say that WIADCA DOES notify 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners via telephone of large, medium and small band of the year but cautiously advises that it is an unofficial courtesy notification and the official notification will be posted on WIADCA's website in a couple weeks. So the New York Labor Day masqueraders DO GET TO FIND OUT!!!!! I have been in that position twice. That kind of news spreads fast, so everyone knows rather quickly. So....back to my original question. If the kiddies can be judged on the same day, why cant the adults be judged in the same manner?



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