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This weekend is going to be yummy!  I had the pleasure of being invited to 2 Halloween fetes amd whats best about them is that attendees are expected to be dressed in FULL costume! WHOOO HOOOO! Can we say grown and sexy!!!!  In my search for finding that special costume just for me I got lazy and have resorted to what I refer to as El Lasy Shoppe better known as the world wide web.

There were some interesting finds and I tell you, google can find a needle in a haystack for you!  The parties would be:




Both Trick or Treat and Mask will be held on Saturday the 30th of October.  It depeds on what kind of venue, crowd, price or amount of liquor that you like or plan to intake.  Trick or Treat will be an indoor/outdoor venue on the water at club 954 in Downtown Broward.  Hosted by Karma Productions, Party People and Royal Events.  It will be the normal party time, you will pay for entry and per drink, play pool, have 7 bars to choose from and will be expected to wear FULL costume.  Mask will be hosted by Islands United and Absolute Adventure at the Gulfstream Racetrack and Casino in Hallendale.  Just like Trick or Treat it will be normal party time, however, this party will be an all inclusive for the price of $45 presold and $60 VIP and this party will also have patrons in FULL costume.

I have chosen to go to Trick or Treat, I am not a drinker and two drinks are more than enough for me.  For the real drinkers Mask would be the better look.  Whichever ghoulish event you choose to attend, please understand that the night will be full of drinkers celebrating this 'Holiday' that will not only be drinking and driving but may not be describable due to the masks, paint, wigs, costumes and disguises that will be allowed on this day.  Be safe, that is whats MOST important.

Take care of you!



  1. wait.....who wrote this blog?? Not Kim. I am not a drinker, two drinks is enough for me? I'm so confused. LOL

  2. Nah Keish, I honestly do not drink much. I have a drink or two IF SO MUCH and Im good. The most I drink though is in Trinidad for carnival Monday and Tuesday. Thanks for having me WILLINGLY put my ENTIRE business on the web lol

  3. LOL. Nothing but love girl!



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