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MONA LISA is a fete that generated in New York and has been nothing short of OFF DA HOOK!!!!!  The theme of the MONA LISA fete was that of short skirts or dresses accessorized with tall boots or high heels! People came dressed to impress, the crowd was mature, not old but mature.  People that came to generally party and not be scandalous, to have a good time without any of the drama.

The last MONA LISA party was held in New York (of course) but I was told that it hasn't surfaced for the past two years because MONA LISA has been looking for that new place to call "home". I just got the word that MONA LISA, THE FETE, will be held this year, December 4th, 2010, in Florida!!!! As close as South Florida.....some saying its in Miami but the word is that it's looking more like downtown Hollywood. Wooo hoooo!  I hope that this change, does not affect the good and positive energy that went along with the MONA LISA. *fingers crossed*

Stay tuned, I will keep you posted.



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