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All in all, I had an explosive time for the Miami Carnival season and forgive me for not doing this sooner but I am however a true carnivalbaby and couldn't find the energy to move my fingers or think about this blog for that matter. This year, I didn't do my norm and follow the Natural Freaks truck (out of Brooklyn,New York) or play in that band. I played in a local band this year and decided to support the Miami band. The band of choice was WASSI ONES brought out by the infamous Wassi One "Giselle Blanche". The experience with the band was awesome and yes, I would play with them again. This however, is not a review of the band but more of a kudo to Lil Rick out of Barbados. His song, I think named GO DUNG was THE HIT for the Miami Carnival Season, that song was BUSSIN the speakers on ALL the trucks, in all the parties, fetes, backyards, you name it; it buss the speakers. What actually pissed me off though, was that although all these trucks were playin this song up and down the road they still, one by one, made the people cross the stage to PALANCE!!!! I commend JW and Blaze for an exciting, upbeat, get out of your seat an PALANCE song for carnival but I think that ship has sailed and we can move on. If you can get a listen and haven't heard this song as yet, please, take one. This link is not of the best because it doesn't play the song to its entirety but its a quick listen and you can see how this song let the bacchanal madness unfold!
***inserted at 12:26pm***I found a better link that actually gives the entire song, enjoy***

The song say to go dong an go 'dong' is what we all did! I foresee a bright 2010/2011 carnival season for Lil Rick!



  1. well girl that go dung by lil rick is awesome it bussing speakers from tetron all the way to matelot it mad sick five thumbs up by. SHOTTA

  2. WOO HOO!! I love the pic. Both at dat, NOW GO DONG!!!! LOL!! Next year is on again. Thanks for all your support. I love you!! MUAHZ!!

  3. I'm just so glad that Palancing Season done! I liked the song for TNT carnival, but by DC carnival I was fed up! Go Dong is my shyt! They mashed that song in NY for carnival.



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