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Apparently Beyonce has a new line. Its of perfume and it's called HEAT!  

Well after Britain viewers watched the newly aired ad, 14 people were offended and thought that the ad would harm children who viewed the commercial and it should not be aired during the daytime hours when children would see it.  Well, I guess that 14 is great enough a number because her ad is now BANNED in Britain and can only be aired AFTER 7pm for being too "sexually provocative".

This is a load of crap! Aren't children IN SCHOOL during the daytime? 
Aren't they home, free to watch television after 7pm?
Isn't that when the family usually sit down and watch television? After 6pm?
Isn't that why they call it PRIME TIME?


The way I know it is, children come home from school, do chores, homework, eat something for dinner and then watch television til its time for bed. The commercial ad is a bit on the sexy side but come on, they have that everywhere now and I'm not saying that sex is okay, I'm saying that there are levels of it.  I don't see what is so wrong OR offensive, Beyonce herself wearing a silk dress down to her ankle is still considered sexy.  The ad was nothing short of typical Beyonce and John Public just wants something to complain about.  I SURE we will see that commercial ad in the good ole US of A!!

Thanks to, you can view the video here:
An let me know what YOU think! 



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