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The most fulfilling feeling that I EVER had was that of giving.  I don't mean just giving of clothes to a 'spot' or drop off location.  But really GIVING!  Let me explain.  I went to New York and stayed with some family.  I think that I was blessed to go at the time that I did because it was not one of my ordinary trips to New York.  I stood in the kitchen as I watched my sister Rachel cook a Sunday lunch.  After the meal was cooked we dished out food into styrofoam trays and packed them into boxes.  When we arrived to a well-known homeless shelter on the corner of Bedford and Atlantic Avenues the security told us that we could not hand out food directly in front of the shelter but we could hand it out down the block or around the corner across the street.  They made sure they said, ACROSS THE STREET.  We couldn't be on their property so they couldn't be held liable.

What happened was that we started giving out the food and drink and all the people started coming over to us like roaches! Figuratively speaking.  In NO way do I mean to offend.  But they were soooo appreciative of the meals it made me warm inside.  What I usually take for granted they thought was a bonus.  The chicken leg quarters were cut into four pieces and each 'box' of food had some rice, two pieces of stew chicken, salad and a drink.  They were smiling broadly and commenting on how the chicken was REAL chicken and look at HOW MUCH they got.  It was what Caribbean people know as brown stew chicken and they were not accustomed to that kind of food 'food with seasoning and tasted well'.  I vowed to do this again, on a larger scale once I found the opportunity.

This is it.  I am asking for all those interested in handing out food this December with CarnivalVibration to please send an email to with a name and contact number.  We hope to be visiting two shelters one in the Miami area the other in the Fort Lauderdale area.  The more the merrier.  Lets give a hand in putting a smile on these peoples faces.  You would not believe how a simple meal could make someones entire day.




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