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Machel Montano is to return

First let me apologize to the people who have diligently logged on to the blog but have had nothing new to read for the past couple days.  Truth be told, I've been struggling with a few things and they've prevented me from blogging.  In due time, you will know.

Carrying on.  In my absence from the blog I have read the press release of Machel Montano.  He is scheduling a 'return' to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2011 and released his first new track yesterday the 24th of November called "Coming Again".  The emails were flooding in to our mother site CARNIVAL VIBRATION, from FOX CREATIONS, Mr David Fredericks of Islands United and one of my favorite blogs TRINIDAD CARNIVAL DIARY had it as a feature post!  They all had the same information, right down to the letter but all in all the emails, tweets, texts, notifications from facebook all have me feeling the same way and wondering...............


I've been there from the beginning of Machel's career from when he was too young to soca and from then until now he has YES been doing his thing.  Because the man decide to take off ONE carnival because of whatever he may say, (I FEEL different).  They doin as if Machel wasn't in the carnival/soca game for donkey years!!!! It was only ONE YEAR PEOPLE and that was one year of performing, not singing because he had some hit chunes for 2010. So many hit chunes that he had an album remember!  I FEEL, (do not quote me as talking for anyone aside from myself) that Machel stayed away from the Trinidad scene as part of his contract agreement when he was to open for Beyonce in Trinidad to end her Latin tour.  They knew that if Machel had his annual show in the stadium and had performed in the annual fetes that he is accustomed to performing in the people would have opt to see him in THOSE places and wouldn'ta fart on Beyonce when she had reach Trinidad.  Ticket prices wouldn'ta sell AT ALL!!!!!!!! Personally I feel it was a great disrespect that she even came to Trinidad to perform that day. The amount of money that people had to pay to get decent tickets made many locals have to either sacrifice playing mas, going to any fete or both.  That is crazy! Well anyway, look out for the chatter about Machel in the upcoming days.  Everything is supposed to pop off 12AM when the ball drops in times square. How appropriate. Ah bunch ah Trini's, in Manhattan, trying to get a glimpse of Machel along with the thousands of police officers looking to secure the city from the terrorists. I will hear bout that!

Visit MACHEL MONTANO'S WEBSITE HERE and find out what you can.  There will be many a trip or two being given. Good luck!



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