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I don't know how many of you all got to read this book written by Steve Harvey but this book originated from his Strawberry Letters that are aired daily on his morning show.  The Strawberry Letters are letters or questions that are either asked live on the radio show, mailed in, faxed or emailed (mostly women) that seek his advice on topics of relationships and love. This book ACT LIKE A LADY THINK LIKE A MAN was one of the most fascinating books that I have EVER read.  It revealed just about every secret that a man has.  I'm surprised that men weren't appalled because there was just so much 'information' was given about what a man says opposed to what he really means or thinks.  Things like what it means when he will not take you to meet his family or doesn't take you out with his boys.  It's not what most women think! This book sold millions WORLD WIDE and was well worth it!  Once you pick it up this book, I guarantee you wont be able to put it down.  Some of my girlfriends have even read the book multiple times or have gone back to reference some of its passages.

Well now, he has written a second book!!!!  In this book, he tells women (now that they have figured out the good and the bad for them from the first book) how to find, keep and understand a man.  Basically he is telling you in the first how to figure out if the current relationship that you are in, is the right one or if the relationship is healthy.  And once that is figured out, the sequel is there to help you seal the deal (so to speak).  If this sequel is half as good as the first, I suggest you preorder your copy NOW on, Barnes and Noble or wherever it is you feel you can find this book because real talk, once it comes out December 7th it will be VERY hard to find.

Not every woman was blessed to have big brothers, a father that showed her the ropes or grew up with 'homeboys' that showed her the ropes and just don't have a clue when coming to men, how they think or what they want out of relationships or at least the one he has with you.  This book will guide those kind of women. And to the ones that were that fortunate, it keeps you on the right track and keeps you from slipping.  My advice to you all (men AND women), if you have not read the first one READ IT and still PREORDER the second.  Cause once you start reading the first one, it will be finished in record time and you'll be ready for the second.  Men, you benefit by learning what she is thinking when you say what you do.  It'll help you understand what goes on in the minds of the women you are dealing with. Win win situation!



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