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Today was Election Day in the good ole US of A.  I didn't want to vote to be honest but I thought about it and the only way that my president Obama can stay in office is to try having more Democratic senators in office right?  So I left to do my duty as a fellow American.  But OMG! While I was inside of the voting booth I got a text.  The text basically said 'that it's funny how people are quick to send out texts, BBM blasts and facebook messages about parties and jokes but no one feels inclined to send out texts about getting out and voting and that no one is 'getting out there to vote and that's why black people are not going anywhere in this country'.  The text got me VERY annoyed.  Annoyed because yes, I go to my fare share of parties and carnivals as does everyone else but parties and carnivals are open for ALL people to do.  Voting however, is only open to citizens of the United States and you have to be registered to vote as well.  There will be (in my opinion) a greater turnout to something that is open to everyone opposed to something that is limited to a particular group of people.  NOT everyone can vote.  Not everyone in the United States is a citizen.  There are people in this country that are here as greencard holders, here on vacation and truth be told illegal in this country!  All of which CAN go to the clubs and have a good time for the night yet can not vote.  I understand what the sender of this text was trying to say, yet at the same time people out there need to understand that everyone that may be willing may not be able.  Just had to get that one off my chest.



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