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Trick or Treat...The Aftermath

On the 30th of October Karma Productions, Party People and Royal Events decided to have a grown and sexy costume party named TRICK OR TREAT.  Prior to leaving the house (in costume) I was a bit on the uneasy side because I know that people in the past have gone to this fete in full costume but I have never been to any 'fete' in full costume. Private parties yes but one that's actually in a club, that wouldn't have close friends and family, NO.

When I did my normal 'club stalk' (circled the club in my car) and did my usual 'visuals', I noticed there was NO ONE outside waiting to get into club 954. YIKES!!! I decided to park the car anyway, I was already dressed in my garb and I wasn't about to turn away.  After parking the car, there was ONE person waiting in front of me, NO LINE, SWEET!  I expected a long wait because the party was advertised as women being free before 12am.  When I got to the door, I announced that I was CARNIVALVIBRATION and was told that I not only was on the guest list but there was a +1 as well.  This made the no line double sweet, the hubby got in with me ;-)

Once inside the setup was fun.  There were spider webs draped all over the place, rats on the bars, spiders hanging off the ceilings (I got scared by the spiders) and to my surprise a half full party going on.  This was good considering I got there a little before 12am which is really early.  The DJ was getting the crowd "warmed up" I put that in quotes because he was doing such a good job at it. The people didn't look like they were warming up at all. By this time people tend to be getting drinks and feeling out the place but the party was already in full swing.  The best part, I would say 95% of the party was in FULL costume.  By 1am the party was full and everyone was having a time.  I honestly had a better time at TRICK OR TREAT than I had playing mas for Miami carnival!  With that being said, I MUST give some shout outs to DJ's Dr Esan and Crown Prince.  They did the damm thing Saturday night.  They both had the right idea.  There wasn't too much of anything.  There was my favorite SOCA, there was reggae, rap, hip hop, pop, salsa, soft rock even.  There was something for everybody in the dance which was appreciated because although I LOVE my soca, parties like this is what makes you want to actually GO OUT.  If you continuously hear the same thing over and over you get fed up and wont mind missing a few weeks. Once DJ's understand that concept, they'll have (and keep) a crowd. Not because its 2010 means we only want to hear music from that year.

Overall, I have decided that once there is a TRICK OR TREAT and God spare life, I WILL be there!  Pictures will be up on CARNIVAL VIBRATION's website very soon! 



  1. Glad you had a blast. It seems that everyone in the dance was having a time.Thank you for the great review..Cant wait till next year..!!!!

    Mad Hatter

  2. When are the pictures going to be posted?

  3. The pictures from Trick or Treat will be posted on the main website, shortly. From what I am understanding there are some technical difficulties with the site right now and the techs are working hard to get your pictures published by this weekend.



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