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While browsing through facebook, I came across a posting that drew my attention.  It read:  Malaysian LAW for rapist.  This intrigued me for too many reasons to mention but I was interested in knowing in which way the people in Malaysia thought was just for penalizing a rapist.

Before I saw the film, I started thinking that it had to be something inhumane in comparison to what America does to their convicted rapists. While viewing, I honestly felt sorry for the man as it was going on but had to think about it, what if he raped some 8 year old or something.  Being that I dont know the specifics of the case I can not judge.  The fact still remains, he did rape someone and this is the punishment in Malaysia. I mean, even the Bible says to punish the unjust but DAAAAAMMMM!!!!!

You can view the full video HERE courtesy, none other than YOUTUBE



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