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We at Spice Carnival Band are delighted to offer to you, our masquerader, once again, a very special offer from The Trinidad Hilton for Carnival 2011.
For those overseas or local masqueraders who wish to stay at the Hilton, there is a special discount on room rates.
Masqueraders who have registered are required to present their Spice ID/Receipt in order to take advantage of the special which is 25% off the best available rate. The code to be used is SPICE RATE CODE 'P6'. THE following terms and conditions will apply:
  1. 4 nights minimum stay from Saturday 5th March 2011
  2. Full payment for room and taxes with credit card is required on booking
  3. Cancellation policy is 28 days prior to arrival.

Please note that cancellation does not apply to costumes. The Trinidad Hilton number is 624-3222 ext 6011/41 or e-
If there are any further inquires you may call our showroom at
or e-mail us at

This was in my inbox the other night and I just thought that it was odd because: 

  1. I have never ONE day played in the carnival band Spice
  2. I am only on Spice's mailing list to be updated on their current events
  3. The band is rumored to be 'SOLD OUT', so why this desperate attempt to gain registrations?
I'm just saying.  
For those of you who ARE playing is Spice, take advantage, if the Hilton is your intended stay or works out better for you financially.  I, however, am kind of disgusted this year and am still on the fence on even GOING, yes, DCARNIVALBABY may not be even GOING to Trinidad for carnival 2011! Even WITH the return of the stage.  There are just some things I have to put my foot down on, like no intriguing costumes or having played in EVERYTHING already.  *sighs*



  1. OMFG!!! Dcarnivalbaby not going for carnival?!! What???!!

    Girl I thought I alone was sticking. I too am on the fence on carnival 2011. For some reason I'm not over the moon thrilled. But even moreso it's about the money. If I get a cheap flight out of NY, I gone!!!! With that savings, is frontline costume for me. And better with a free band in the works, I'm slowly changing my mind.

    By New Years' I'll know.



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