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I believe, in all honesty that this was a desperate attempt to rid herself of the bad publicity and negative words directed to the Prime Minister.  The words that have trickled down throughout the Caribbean and Caribbean communities throughout the world.  Unfortunately the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago so far, has taken a direct hit as a result of what SHE said.  Although the comment was publicly made, I think I can safely say that NO ONE or at least 99% or more of the country disagreed with her comment, way of thinking or rationale when coming to the aid of neighboring countries from the horrific hurricane Tomas' devastation.  Sad thing is, no matter what is said or done now, NO ONE will ever forget the heartless comments made and no amount of  good that she does will undo it.  This isn't even a case of forgive and forget because LIVES were at stake and for that, I doubt people will forgive OR forget. The damage was done and the spoken word is one of the 4 things in life that once gone, can not come back.  Here is the link.



  1. Only time can heal and erase that gaffe and even THAT is subject to debate. SHE has embarrassed an entire nation. HER comment was completely out of season and I hope this NEVER, EVER, happens again.
    But then again, I suspect that's asking for too much of that individual.



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