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Well, yesterday's post caused quite the stir!  There were over 300 views in just 2 hours of my posting and I put up the post around 9pm last night.  So naturally, I had to get this one out as early as what, 5am this morning.  THIS IS A FIRST FOR DCARNIVALBABY because I love my bed!  The deal is that yes, although there was to be a guest appearing on the morning show, that guest will not be appearing any longer. I kept the name of the guest confidential so that there wouldn't be too much buzz circulating the persons appearance and people would find out 'who' as they tuned in to the show, but now that soooo much has happened in the last couple of hours, you will know ALL of what I know.

I was sent an email yesterday AFTER the blog was posted that read:
i know i'm suppose to get to you on tomorrow's show, but the guest mr. groove will not be coming in tomorrow due to miscommunication. i want to talk to you over the phone, so i can give you an update on the shit that went down this year and what's what in ny in the dj/music world. let me know when its a good time to talk. talk to you soon.   

Okay, so now the cat is out of the bag.  The guest that was supposed to show up this morning was none other than Mr Groove.  Mr Groove was coming on the show because naturally, there is a lot of rumor and speculation surrounding the incident that happened FOR the Miami Carnival and there are just some things that he would like to clear the air about.  As stated in the email sent to a member of the morning show (whom we shall remain nameless) Mr Groove does have a lot on his mind that he wants to shed to light but due to miscommunication of I guess managers or what have you, this meeting will not be happening THIS morning.  Due to his desire to get his side of the story out there, THERE WILL be an appearance but unfortunately readers and fans it will not be this morning.  I will keep you posted because I see that this is a very HOT topic for my New York readers and it shows they'd like to know as well.  You can still tune in this morning and any other morning Monday to Friday 9am-12pm to hear Supa B's morning show.



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