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Well thanks to the big man, Shaun D'Arcy of Party People, I now have the very first interview with one of the funniest men that have come out of Trinidad and Tobago. He does a marvelous dub over of the American Chop Shop and once dubbed over was better known as the "Trini Slap Shop". Click the link below the interview to view the 'infomercial' and brand new video 'Bend Right Over'!!!!!!

We know that we can google the name Buhwamoder and your face comes up but what is the name you were born with?
My name is Buhwamoder Latchmanerpersadsingh.

Okay, sure. So what made you decide to call/ name yourself Buhwamoder? Is there a story behind it?
Uniqueness. I am possibly the only Buhwamoder in the world and if there is another I would like to meet him. As for my last name Latchmanerpersadsingh, when I was young I never knew who my real birth mother was. I had many fathers , a Latchman, a Persad, a Singh when I turned 13 I just threw them all together and have been rolling with it ever since.

Were you born and raised in Trinidad?
Yes, I grew up in Penal and attended high school there. I left high school at an early age because I had met my wife and we had a child so I started selling 'doubles' to finance it all. This is when I moved to Carapichima and have been here ever since.

Was the 'Trini Slap Chop' commercial something you did on your spare time?  Just for kicks?  Or it was something done for a joke on the internet?
Some personal issues in my life led me to the Trini Slap Chop. I was in desperate need to create something and for years I had procrastinated the idea of dubbing over something. How I landed upon the Slap Chop was completely random I just liked how fast the guy was talking and I loved how much he was using his hands. I made it mainly for myself and my friends and I had no idea it would become such a phenomenon.

Did you think you would have a total of over 1 MILLION views of your 'commercials' and music video combined?
As I said when I sent out the Trini Slap Chop to friends I had no idea it would be as big as it has become but once it started spreading and I knew I would have one million views on it alone if not combined with my other work due to the speed at which it was spreading.

Why the wig? You're a handsome guy. It seems as though you are disguising yourself.
Wig? Disguise? I'm Buhwamoder, crazy hair, shades, big chain, random Trinidadian sense of humor.

Question for the ladies, are you in a relationship/married? If yes, how long? If no, is there a love interest or are you dating?
Well I have my wife and kids in Carapichima but I have two girls down in San Juan, three in Manzanilla. From time to time I liaise with a girl who lingers outside a famous beach restaurant on Maracas beach. My son Rajesh introduces me to a few young girls from time to time but to answer your question yes I am available.

The accent used, is that of a Trinidadian descent, do people who are NOT Trinidadians understand the humor?
It is one of many Trinidadian accents. Anyone who has any connection to Trinidad will relate to the accent used and may understand the humor. Others may not understand the humour but just find the accent funny. In general when you look online there is not much Trinidad/ Caribbean humor. Alongside myself there is Roger Alexis who does hilarious Trinidadian skits using puppets and other than that the comedy department is lacking.

You're a doubles man in Penal, what made you decide to put the doubles aside and write, sing and star in the soca track "Bend Right Over"?
It was only after the Trini Slap Chop got so much attention I realized the need to continue . This is when I put the doubles stand aside. My daughter Tamika Joseph now handles the business, even at her young age of 5. She was expelled from school when she was 3.

Would you say JW and Blaze paved the way with their 2007 humorous song "Eat ah Food"?
JW and Blaze showed the public that you don't need to be an already established Soca Singer to produce a quality song.

Did you expect for "Bend Right Over" to get so much airplay and so much love from the radio DJ's as well as the public? Down to the fetes bussin this chune!
People loved the Trini Slap Chop and people love soca music . I thought they might like the combination of the two.

How do you feel about your success? Do you think it was accidental or strategically planned?
Trini Slap Chop was definitely not planned to bring about success for me in entertainment. I was just being a fool so that my friends and I could enjoy a good laugh so I suppose that can be considered 'accidental' but ever since then its been strategy and not accident.

Do you hope to perform in the United States or Canada?
I hope to represent Trinidad as a comedic figure/artist internationally yes.

Is there anyone you look up to in the business?
I love comedy. I would have to say Sacha Baron Cohen.

Have you encountered any negative feedback surrounding your work or you?
It is impossible to do something good and not get negative feedback. If there was no negative feedback I would be doing something wrong.

Do you think it is a combination of raw talent and knowing the right people that has you where you are? I feel some people have NO talent and make it while others have raw talent like yourself, but get nowhere at all.
At times a combination of luck and connections can get someone with no talent very far . I think I got where I am because I was not afraid to try something new and was not afraid to keep pushing at it. Connections are important if I am to keep pushing to higher levels.

What are your plans for carnival 2011? Any competitions planned?
I plan to entertain.
**Its mind boggling at times at how much has happened in 4 and a half months.I plan to unleash fresh ideas and concepts in the future but I also don't plan to stop with the video dub overs which got me where I am today. On a real I just love making people laugh. Straight up!

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