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While watching my little marathon of THE GAME (which by the way will be starting it's 4TH SEASON on January 11th, 2011 on BET) all weekend.  I was shocked to repeatedly see a commercial for  The commercial begins by asking its viewers what they 'thought' was the leading reason for deaths in the African American community.  A series of people were then asked on camera and they gave answers like cancer, gang related/ violent crimes, AIDS, cancer, diabetes, even heart disease.  These are all answers that even I would have given, but the answer was ABORTION.  Imagine that, JUST as many African American babies are born in the United States, just as many are aborted and that number is horrifying.  You can go to their website and check it out for yourself  RIGHT HERE!  After toggling through the entire webite I then googled images on abortion   All I could do, is shake my head.  I can not tell anyone what to do, nor am I in any way ANY ONE'S judge but after seeing those abortion images, I can not imagine how anyone could ever consider such a thing.  If you have a weak stomach or can not view 'gorey' images I suggest you do not LOOK HERE.

Spread the word about this website it can save a few thousand lives!!!!!



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