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Well if I ever wanted to get a blog out, it was today!
While listening to a morning show today I was made to understand that there is a substance named K2 that is not only legal but is now taking the place of the illegal drug marijuana in children's schools.  As of the 24th of December 2010 the substance has been banned in the state of Florida partly because there is NO test for it.
Kids in Florida are calling it straight out K2 (which is what it is), Black Mamba and Spice.  Bragging that it is the new legalized weed being that you get the same high as you do with weed.  It has been reported that you do not get hallucinations but you still get your munchies and all.  The drug however is so not like the real thing though.  The drug has reportedly caused children to go into convulsions.  Although weed is illegal and K2 is legal. I have never heard of any straight weed (weed that is not mixed with some other 'enhancement') putting anyone in the hospital, causing convulsions or death.  Sad thing is, this drug is being sold on the streets for $10 a pop and being that it is called the 'new legal weed' children are going to buy this drug cheap and it can cost them their lives.  Especially since there is NO way to check for it's usage, these kids can get away with it until some kind of testing for the drug is found.  How long will that take?

Parents, please.  Beware of what your children are spending their money on, be mindful of what they are doing outside the home, monitor their behavior and eating habits because this drug is REAL!!!! Talk to your children in depth and maybe before you do, you can read some information on it HERE!!!



  1. that is just sad the just coming out with all kinda crap an it still cant beat the real thing !! leave it up to those little white kids to try some new drug an get screwed up !! whatever happened to just regular weed nothing with a nickname to it just WEED !! but parents really beware especially if u know u got bad ass teens lol !! what will they think of next !!




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