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The hottest airline for the Carnival season to Trinidad and Tobago is starting their annual expansion in their number of flights for the Carnival 2011 season.  They will be adding flights only from New York to Trinidad shortly but as time goes by they (in the past) have extend flights from the Ft Lauderdale/Miami area as well.  The total amount of DAILY flights leaving from New York will be FIVE!  Get your requests in order South Florida people because as of right now, its still have only ONE flight out of Ft Lauderdale and ONE out of Miami.  That will not cut it.  Start typing, calling, faxing, whatever you feel you must because I'm sure its not only the New York people itching to go Trinidad for the Greatest Show on Earth!!!!!!!!!



  1. Air Caribbean doe care to add another flight to and from FLL or MIA. You telling me that a "tiny yearly" event called CARNIVAL comes around and you didn’t tink ahead by adding extra flights? Even after Delta and Sprit stop servicing POS? Stuuuuuups! This is beyon slack. #1 slip of the TnT Pre-Carnival season HISTORY goes to Air Caribbean. Large up wit 2 shoots in de sky to Copa Air, Intel, and Suriname Air for pickup up de slack. Even American Airlines have added a connection from St.Lucia. But NOOOOOOOO, go and buy up Air Jamaica and scout out a British one to buy to. Doe worry about we people man! All'ya doe need de money because de jet-fuel $$$ Subsidized any how!!!!ENT?

  2. Yeah, I have noticed that this year they really did nothing to compensate the South Florida community. Guess it didn't work out positively for the airline last year so they decided not to do it again. Sorry.



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