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Yesterday I checked my numbers, as in the number of hits/visits I received in this last two weeks that I haven't blogged and the numbers although not the amazingly high numbers I'm used to having while actively blogging, they were high enough for me to feel the need to send out an apology  or at least an explanation. 

I am going to be completely honest with you, my readers.  When I started this blog, it was a blog surrounding carnival and all things pertaining to it.  But as I have come to the sad realization that I would not be going home for carnival 2011, the hunger wasn't there to consistently write about carnival.  I, up to now have never given a real reason as to why DCARNIVALBABY will be sitting out T&T 2011 carnival and I think the time has come to just come out and say it.

After speaking things over with the family and close friends, the decision to not go Trinidad was because it just wouldn't be.............right (in my opinion) to indulge in the carnival the way I do while pregnant.  Yes, the only reason, in the world besides death that would keep me from the carnival is because I am with child and as much as I go in hard, to do anything different from that would be a big waste of time and money for me.

So, now you know.  There are times that I am just to sick to get to my computer and it almost kills me to get something out there that is post worthy.  So I decided to just let you all know why the blog has been so inconsistent lately.  Truth be told, the disgust of me missing the carnival as it's drawing nearer doesn't help the situation either, lol.  But as time goes on things will pickup, just have some patience me.




  1. I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommended by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

  2. Carnival will always be there. Miami waiting for you though

  3. Although MIAMI will be good and I know you were trying. But MIAMI as you and the rest of the planet knows is no consolation prize in comparison to the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH in TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO!!!!

  4. Awwwwwww, that's so awesome!!!!!!! Congrats on your pregancy DCB. That's just beautiful,man.
    I'll jump up for you. And yes girl yuh band selling ;)

  5. Oh Gawd Carnivalcocoa! Thankyou soooo much! That means a lot. An to ALL you IP masqueraders, all I want is a teeshirt from some man out there who played in the band. I have a Monday/Tuesday wear teeshirt from IP's inception and can not stomach not having one for this year. I am happy they are selling out, real talk. Slow and steady wins the race. YEAH, YEAH!!! Thanks for the info again mama!

  6. You're welcome. More costumes sold out since Saucy's post on the topic. My only qualm is most of the males costume are not sold out -- only males gone are Lunar Cycle, Galactic Dust,and one of the Quasar male options. We need more men there.

  7. My costume of choice this year was VEGA could you have seen ANY man, forget in Trinidad but the world in that one? I know it was to have that out of space finish but man is man. LOL an still, if you or a friend find a man out there willing to give me their tee please advise.



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