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Well GOOD DAY to you all and a big big apology to you all for not posting a blog yesterday.  I am still kind of new to this and sometimes it is kind of challenging to find something interesting for you to read every single day. Then there are other times when some of the news I get is so shocking that I just don't know how to post it without making any bitter enemy, feel me?

Anyhow, today I will be sharing with you just how dedicated I am to this blog and you, my readers because I went to sleep after 4 this morning because (I'm putting it out there Lessel) the cook at the Soca Ranch kept giving me food to sample.  My blasted eye an dem so big and the aromas were tickling my nose so naturally, I didn't decline. SMH I couldn't sleep because my belly was so full an the hubby was lets say *nice from the beers and Johnnie that kept coming.  He an all couldn't sleep (talking my ears off because he can't wait for Friday to come again).
Picture of 'The Soca Ranch' sellin food for Miami Carnival

Gerard and Camilla (a married couple) started 'The Soca Ranch' a good while ago by selling bbq chicken in front of Lovey's Roti Shop for about two months but they decided to start doing the damm thing at their home because good news spreads fast and the crowd of people that came needed some taming and what better place than that of your home. When entertaining on private property, you almost never go wrong.  The name 'The Soca Ranch' was given to them  from a man named Alvin (Alvin from People Choice Sound System in New York).  He came to the establishment when it was just a place to lime and have some beers and he was in awe with the land the property was sitting on and jokingly said that this was not a common lime but a 'Soca Ranch' and with that, like any other Trini slang, it stuck.  From then to now, the menu has broadened dramatically and you can still go to The Soca Ranch on ANY given Friday to sample their bake an shark, shrimp burgers, bbq chicken, fried rice, Chinese style chicken, you name it.  I was also told if there is something they don't sell, make a suggestion, it may be on the menu in a couple weeks.

I loved the vybe and the people.  I went there not knowing anyone but my two friends that invited me and my hubby and felt very at home and most of all comfortable.  Its a good look for anyone looking to kick back, full your belly, ole talk, play cards and have a couple drinks.  I give The Soca Ranch two thumbs up, as for the hubby, he's already making plans for next week Friday.

For privacy reasons I will not give an address to this spot but you can link them on facebook HERE!



  1. Yeah man, De Soca Ranch is the closest thing to being home away from home. Great vibes and very good looking people (expecially when I dey)and music too. Thats my stop for a nice pre-lime that just might end up being the main lime most times. Tasty food always ready beers always cold an dont mention the Johnney. Large up De Soca Ranch all de breast for 2011. See you tomorrow Trini Mafia FAMILY!!!!

  2. LOL at very good looking people. That was hardly my concern, (especially since I go with my hubby). Talkin bout Trini Mafia Family, I will be lookin for D Trini Mafia for a little exclusive soon.



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