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This email came to me since Tuesday but didn't feel the need to blog about it until today, mainly because when I spoke about it among peers, they had no clue there was even a childrens show scheduled.  So I figured others didn't know either.

Along with the 'RETURN' of Machel Montano, publicists strongly suggested that everyone join the mailing list on Machel's Website and to follow him on twitter.  The registered followers to any or both got automatic entry to several drawings. As far as this 'RETURN', I really don't know where he really went.  The man had an album last year, had an awesome performance as Beyonce's opening act in Trinidad in her last stop of her 'I AM' concert tour.  In doing so did a duet with Destra!  Oh, wait no, maybe because he didn't perform for the carnival season, play mas or didn't have his concert in the stadium he went somewhere. Steups, that was only to ensure Beyonce ticket sales.  If the people tusty enough to see Machel, they woulda pay a pound and a crown to see him open for Beyonce.  Cause truth be told, if there were people who saw Machel for the whole carnival season you thnk they woulda pay to see him open for Beyonce or to see Beyonce for the price they was callin? There were some that could have cared less about Beyonce and only went to see Machel. I was there, the concert was dry and the best part OF the concert was when she mixed her 'Check Up On It' song with JW an Blaze's Road March chune 'Palance'. (If you happened to miss Beyonce palance, checkout this video or many of the others on youtube HERE OR check her out palancin in Club Zen in Trinidad HERE (this video is more clear). But anyway, enough of that. Here's what the people say is going on with the children's concert.

PRESS RELEASE on the 15th February 2011

We have chosen to cancel the children show carded for the Jean Pierre Complex
on Sunday 20th February because of several logistics problems that we are unable
to overcome in time. There are the additional challenges arising out of the multiple
bookings at the venue that severely limits set up time. We understand the
disappointment and inconvenience that may be caused and for this we apologize.
We will do a show for the children at a time when we can best represent the standard
that we have set for ourselves.  All tickets holders will be reimbursed in full at the
exact outlet that it was purchased, however it must be done by Monday 21st February 

For Further Information Contact:
James Walton, M.A.



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