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With only what, 2+ weeks away from carnival and all the yummy festivities (and my sorrow heightens) I was checking out all the websites of the bands that had peeked my interest around band launching time.  There was BLISS, D Krewe, IslandPeople, TRIBE, Wee International and YUMA.  Of all the sites that I've visited I can say that I definitely saw that TRIBE and BLISS were completely SOLD OUT!!!  YUMA is rumored to be sold out but when you go to YUMA's WEBSITE the site shows you nothing but an annoying advertisement of their upcoming event NEON set for the 26th of February.  I mean come on people! Do you not think that people want to look at their costumes repeatedly until they eyeballs buss?  Do you think ANYONE playin in yuh band want to see this schupid advertisement up on your website every day, all day opposed to their costumes an try matching shoes, boots, accessories and makeup to their computer screens? Big long steuuuuuups.

As for my all time favorite band (chillout 2006 to present) IslandPeople word has gotten to me that most of the sections are completely SOLD OUT as well. The men of IslandPeople are NOT SOLD on the whole outer space image and some of the headpieces are just not doing it for me, far more them that hada play in it.  But one thing I could say bout them is that they always slow but steady.  Slow and steady seems to be working for them.  Then too, I could never forget the year of 2008 (Heaven on Earth) when they professed that the section 'Love' (the red section) was SOLD OUT and indeed it wasn't.  What it was; was not selling and the section was closed  period!

As for D Krewe and Wee International, just like YUMA I can not tell how the sales are going from watching the website alone BUT I do know they are selling. I wish them all luck. 



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