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I have been going back and forth with this for the past couple of weeks because I had this link on my facebook page and although its kind of gory it keeps you watching because this is  something that most people would like to see.  There are questions that people would have and after watching this video, you would have no need to question what is done AT ALL!

In this SEX CHANGE OPERATION video, you will see the patient before the surgery.  You will get to watch the 'change' AS IT IS HAPPENING!!!  The operation is of a man, removing his member and getting a vagina 'made'.  You get to find out what they do with the 'left overs' so to speak and when the surgery is all said and done, you will see the patient come back for a post op visit.  He/she gets a pap smear and all.

I must warn you.  Do not watch this video on a full belly as those with a weak (and full belly) can bring it all up.  Remember, this is an ACTUAL surgery and it is candid.



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