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I don't know about you, damn, I don't know about most of you but I'm surely gonna talk about me! I did not, I'll repeat DID NOT like that piss poor ending of THE GAME! WTF?  The series ended with a lot of surprise endings and it had a lot of twists and turns but because it was only a half hour, I felt like it was rushed and a lot of what should or could have been done to make it an effective show wasn't.  The audience was left like huh? At least my household was.  They did their job of wanting the viewers to want to see the next episode but for real? Did they have to do it like that?  I felt like I was thrown high into the air and was just left for dead. No one was there to catch me in that fall. URGH, it was frustrating!  Kelly, it was evident that she is either going to be taking a leave or just being cut from the show, her story line was all over the place and she came back as ghetto ass Kelly.  Come on, how you gonna come back an be more ghetto than Tasha?! They needed to scrap that 'new Kelly' and come again but in the finale, we still don't know whats going on with her.  The list goes on and on.  Where did that story line with Tasha and the 'dying dude' come from? That went nowhere and it was a complete waste of time, (unless they're going somewhere else with that, I don't see it though, she kicked him to the curb).  SMH

This new series of THE GAME was really disappointing, it wasn't like the previous seasons that you could just sit down and watch the reruns repeatedly.  It was kinda whack which was really disappointing.  Everything was the same so I don't think ANYTHING they said could be excused.  The writers and the entire cast were the same, so what changed?  I don't know.  What I DO know is, viewers weren't happy with that piss poor ending they aired last night.  What do you think?



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