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I have been attentively viewing the facebook pages of BLISS, ISLANDpeople, Spice, TRIBE and YUMA and people on the whole are not completely pleased with ANY of the bands.  I don't know exactly whats going on this year but I think the complaints are coming in just as much as the praises.  No one has been immune from it.

BLISS and TRIBE - BLISS just like TRIBE have had promises made to masqueraders that were broken but I must say are being handled accordingly.  Things were to be ready for pickup on the day of collection yet they are instructing their masqueraders to come back on another said day and better yet, offering delivery of the items.  The masqueraders of these bands are just more subtle with their sh*t and are handled wisely and cautiously as these bands BOTH know the repercussions of negative publicity of bad customer service. An how dare anyone talk badly about TRIBE or its "offspring"?  Especially rumoring TRIBE to be the best of the best of carnival bands, they feel almost gaged by the loyalty toward their band.

SPICE - Spice masqueraders have complaints on the 'fluff' of their feathers, they saying that the feathers lookin' dead, the amounts of bling, (the lack of it) and falling off, the height of some of the headpieces not being up to their expected standard, glue remanence on costumes and head pieces, colors of costumes that differ from the prototype and others being completely different.

YUMA - Had the same problems in addition to the crazy size variations. Saucy's blog has actual pictures of what looks to be like mite eaten feathers. WOW! People are complaining about bra sizes being waaaaaaaaay too big and looking like granny bras and panties being made too small.  The sizing is completely off from what I can see (and read).  Bra sizes being too big can be fixed.  I'm sure there are ways to adjust it but panties that are too small?  I don't know how they're going to work with that and that seems to be going on across the board.  Although thankful to get their Monday wear on time, the tees are really big while the shorts are like two sizes too small.  It seems as though these sizes were ordered across the board and people are not happy.
ISLANDpeople - About my beloved band.  They are not exempt form the back lashings.  People are, lets be real, pissed off with ISLANDpeople and its not because of the costumes being made poorly, no fast collection, bad customer service or no accessories. These things were surprisingly on target for the most part. People are however ready to kill because they're goodie bags which are usually THE BOMB, (with the exception of last year, it seemed just mediocre) are not ready.  When people came in on Monday to collect their costumes, they were advised to come in on Tueday as their goodie bags (which includes their Monday wear) would not be ready until the following day.  The following day, Tuesday, people were told that they would DEFINITELY be ready for pickup on Wednesday.  Today is Thursday and people have yet to collect their goodie bags and Monday wear from IP.  I've gotten word that they will now be ready 'again' on Friday 'for sure'.  I dont know how that will eventually turn out because, not only do people have to collect their costumes on Friday but the entire band will be returning for their goodie bags and Monday wear as well.  I imagine that IP go be a HOT mess come Friday. People go be line up dey from jouvert. SMH. I'm just ever too happy that THIS is the year I didn't play mas because I too would have been pissed off!

***I DONT CARE WHAT NOBODY SAY, ISLANDpeople have the best vibes, pretty costumes and bess jewelry.  I'm missing out this year by force but will be there next year and the year after that *please God.  Everyone can not be pleased and there are those who will ALWAYS find something to complain about.  It's all HAND MADE people!!! Whether hand made in Trinidad or China HAND MADE none the less!!!  That means you have to leave room for human error!  Give not only ISLANDpeople but TRIBE, BLISS, SPICE and YUMA a blasted chance. DAMM!!  Enough is enough, I understand that people money spen' on this but your money is not only spent on the costuming. DJ's have to be paid, generators have to be purchased or rented, trucks have to be built, sufficient liquor has to purchased (which is where MOST of your money goes by the way).  Come on, stop making this entire carnival about bickering and complaining, its a festive time and it is stressful for all behind the scenes.  Either you like it or you don't.  If you do yet have issue with the band, send suggestive emails.  They will not only respond but try to do something about it.  If you don't, jump ship, it have REL bands to play with and this year alone has proven that new bands are emerging each and every day.  

**sorry, I had to get that one out.



  1. liquor have to be bought most importantly an we cant have a shortage on the premium scotch


  2. Girl, I went to IP today (Thursday)to pick up my costume and EVERYTHING was ready. Monday wear was ready, costumes ready and the new distribution venue is nicer than the Complex. They had a separate table on the ground floor (instead of going to the third floor in the main area) just for Monday wear collection for folks who did not get theirs earlier. Payments and collections were on the 3rd floor. I'll give IP points for cleaning up the faux pas of the past few days. The place was organized and stress free.
    My only complaint is the panty is too small ---- the manufacturer always make a "large" too damn small. I should've ordered an XL to be safe. I will be going to switch or to the adjustments center. Other than that I good.

    People need to save their bitching for REAL costume problems like ratty feathers, disintegrating costumes or not even getting a costume at all in spite of registering and payng a deposit! Sheesh.

  3. Just hadda say dat TRIBE IS BESS!!! Dat was ust fuh you Kim.....LOL!! Love ya!!

  4. I'm actually glad SOMEONE cleared that up for me because I was quite livid about the change of venue for the distribution of costumes. Im seeing quite the turn around on their page as well so evidently you are not the only one satisfied. *Applauding you for not 'bitching' about your Monday wear as well.

  5. Trini By Injection, I will not comment on your band of choice ESPECIALLY since your pic is in your 2010 ISLANDpeople BINDI backline costume! LOL (Loves your girlie)!

  6. Thanks. I have bigger fish to fry --- that too-small drawers is worries. I'm in Lunar Cycle FL and that bikini is wayyyyyy too narrow and low-cut. I'm heading out now to fix that.
    A lil black dress Monday wear is the LEAST of my worries, heck that is no worry. Just wear de ting.

  7. Carnivalcocoa, you spoke like a TRUE MASQUERADER there, thanks. Wished there were more out there like you!

  8. Hi DCB, did you read my review? The road experience certainly made up for my costume size stress :)

    And how are you doing post-Carnival? It's over, you can relieve yourself of the tabanca now :)

  9. If it was on Saucy's Blog then yes, I did, I just haven't been commenting because NO, I still have yet to recover from my carnival tabanca!

  10. It was on Saucy's blog. Well as you said, next year please God.



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