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I'm not in Trinidad *sobbing right now* to see for myself what is going on so I have to rely on THE SAUCE!

People seem not at all happy with costume collection with YUMA! What a surprise!  For some reason, I thought that everything (thus far) with YUMA was on point (excepting their website taking down their costume visuals to advertise their Neon fete an distribution schedule).  They have been actively communicating with their masqueraders and 'fans' via facebook and I thought because of this open communication, things would have gone smoothly.  I was wrong.

Evidently, there is a problem with some of the costumes not looking like the prototype, dead feathers, traces of glue all over headpieces and jewelry not only falling off by the time masqueraders make it to their car but UPON COLLECTION! One of the HUGE problem was with the section ORION. Something about it not looking  ANYTHING like what it was supposed to look like.  I think the bra was changed completely as well as the coloring.  On their FACEBOOK PAGE, there are A LOT of unhappy campers publicly commenting their disgust, while others are just trying to sell/swap out their costumes (in part or whole).  There are the few that are just IN LOVE with their costumes but they seem to be the minority. I dont want to say that ALL masqueraders are dissatisfied, its just you always usually hear the bad and there is no other way to voice their opinion like the other bands do.  They only have that facebook page.

As for BLISS, ISLANDpeople, SPICE and TRIBE I haven't heard anything too too bad.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  I did hear that ISLANDpeople did tell their people on Monday that their goodie bags AND Monday wear/gear would not be available for pickup until Wednesday.  *On a good note, they have been personally advising people of this via telephone, giving people a chance to not come down to the mascamp and waste their time. Two thumbs up for them! Customer service at its best for ISLANDpeople for 2010 and 2011.



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