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DC CARNIVAL 2011 which would have been scheduled to be June 25th this year, just MAY not happen. DC CARNIVAL is the carnival that tends to jump start the carnival seasons because its the first big one in the United States!  (Yes, I know about Atlanta, but to those who simply drive to DC from New York, Pennsylvania, Boston, New Jersey, etc its only a couple hours away and a quick fix home, unlike Atlanta's long distance).

From the reports that I have gotten, the carnival committee had their last meeting as recent as LAST NIGHT and no final decision has been made because plain talk, bad manners THERE IS NO MONEY!!!!!  This recession is kicking the A$$ of everything and everyone! As this was the same problem with Florida's major Miami/Broward Carnival remember?

What the committee HAS decided is that if the carnival CAN be salvaged, it may be 1. Scheduled for a later date as they understand that band leaders need time for registrations and costume making or 2. Include more teeshirt and jouvert-like bands hopes of trying to keep the carnival at its scheduled date.

Whatever they decide to do, I hope they do it soon as masqueraders on the east coast are getting nervous.



  1. This is sad. Atlanta is feeling a little of the crunch too but we are determined to make the best of it. Hopefully Caribbean Americans, their families, and friends will support the carnivals and allow all od us to enjoy smiles and good times on the road.

  2. On March 30, 2011, The City stipulated that plans may proceed for staging the 19th Annual DC Carnival on June 25-26, 2011, with the understanding that a payment plan will be established for DCCC to address 2010 outstanding costs, and 2011 and beyond costs to the City.

    With this in mind, we will continue on a vigorous fundraising effort to ensure the success of DC Carnival 2011 and beyond.

    DCCC Board of Directors



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