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Euphoria Mas has finally launched!!!!

I didn't have the pleasure of going to the actual band launch but I was able to get a glimpse of the costumes before the launch started and I must say, I didn't expect what I saw.  These pictures were courtesy of Island Gems as I went to ONLY see the costumes and get out of the building as fast as possible before I went into labor right then an there.

Euphoria has taken their own vision of the natural elements and brought it to you in their mas form. They have 5 sections, AIR, EARTH, FIRE, WATER and a section in which they've called THE FIFTH ELEMENT which is SPIRIT.  SPIRIT was the most touching to me because this section is an all female section that is dedicated to cancer awareness.  

First up we have AIR


Then we have EARTH


The FIRE section

There is WATER


And my personal favorite SPIRIT

Let me begin by saying that SPIRIT is not my favorite section because of color, style, make or design but my favorite because of what it represents!  Having a cousin that I've seen wither away from cancer was one of the most dreadful times for me and to see something that I love SO MUCH (mas/ carnival) being incorporated with that just touches me in a way that I can not describe.  The belt of the costume is also touching because its an actual cancer ribbon! This costume gets no thumbs up, no fist pumps but a commendation for representing in this costume the understanding, sensitivity and nature of the disease.  From my understanding paperwork is being drawn up so that proceeds from this section will in some way benefit a cancer fund. Bet your bottom dollar, it will be finalized by the time carnival gets here. Kudos Euphoria Mas!  For not letting the money, drinking and partying of carnival blindside you and you have remembered what's important at the end of the day.

As for the rest of the costumes, they are basically what I expected.  I mean, how much can you actually do with the 4 elements. Air has to be white/gray, fire has to be red/orange, water has to be blue/green/aqua and earth can be a number of colors. Euphoria has chosen to use a safe autumn color which was fine.  All in all, all the costumes are pretty, I could see myself in any one of them.

Of the male sections, I could see my husband THE MOST in WATER. I liked how the waves represent the water and its everywhere! It's on the head, the chest and the belt without it being an overkill.  I just see it as being closest to theme and I'm big on costumes sticking to theme, to me its like the masquerader is getting more for their money when costumes stick to the theme opposed to being pretty generic.

Of the female sections, (if you'd just take away the entire concept of SPIRIT because that has won me over hands down), I'd also go with WATER.  I liked how they were a bit different with the bra. The bra and leg pieces have an aquatic feel to it that I just like.  Nothing fancy, nothing that wows me, I just like it the most.

Be careful of the costume EARTH, it bothered me how the private parts of the female model were a bit too revealing.  In every picture I saw, her privates were about to just.............fall out.  Maybe it was the mistake of the model, which I'm hoping. If not, get bigger panties for this section Euphoria. On that note. Euphoria was a hit! I liked what I saw, very safe and pretty.  You will definitely feel like a masquerader on the road and with the music being played by DJ Victorious, I predict a GREAT Miami-Broward One Carnival experience!

For all pictures taken of the Euphoria band launch visit 



  1. I concur with you. Great review, I belive Euphoria has steped it up a level in Miami. I was at the launch and the crowd, models, DJs and staff gave off an energy that was beyond excitment. It showed dedication to Carnival and I will play with them this year. Not to mention the men were very good looking.



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