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I in good faith can not give a review on something that I haven't personally witnessed because that would be heresay but from the pictures that I HAVE seen, the review of SPICE's costumes/ band launch seemed to be most accurate, straight forward and most importantly TRUTHFUL was that of Saucy.  The link is below.

What I can say is that although Triniscene advertised to have live stream from 10pm last night, the feed was not available until after midnight. It didn't really matter though because the costumes didn't go on display until after 1:30am. The conversation between awaiting spectators was flowing and rel mouths wash on SPICE to include my favorite, that 'SPICE cant afford to make no costumes for next year because they still payin' the Chinese for costumes they didn't sell from this year'! OMG!!!!

SPICEqueraders, don't get your underwear in a bunch, all the bands get pong last night, even my favorite ISLANDpeople it was all in good fun.  Bored caribbean people will always have a time at any ones expense.  

Here is the link for Saucy's pictures of SPICE's band launch

And her critique/review on SPICE's band launch is 



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