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ISLANDpeople Mas has decided to not take the higher road and put their pride aside and have decided to make an official statement concerning their 2012 costumes and revamp.  Only thing, they're leaving it in the hands of the masqueraders. This was the statement made on their facebook fanpage wall and the same thing was sent out via email.

"Thank you for the constructive feedback. We value the opinion of our loyal masqueraders and are listening to your suggestions as we revisit some designs. We pride ourselves in pushing the envelope; however, your comments suggest that we went too far. We invite you to be the hero and save the designs you like by voting “Like" on the costumes you prefer. Stay tuned for the evolution of your heroes as we keep the IPMas originality alive. Thanks for the feedback! We love you guys!" 

Mas Camp opens on 25 August, 2011.

You have to hand it to them, they are trying to make the best of a very bad situation. To vote on the costumes you think should stay, you have to go to the left of their facebook page and click on the SAVE YOUR COSTUME LINK and vote for the 'chapters' you want to save. For the link click



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