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Good morning peeps.

Let me begin by saying,  I'm a die hard ISLANDpeople Mas masquerader and I defend them to the very end BUT allyuh, I feel this is the end for me at least for 2012.  I watched the disaster fold before me via of Triniscene AND CarnivalTV.  I kept jumping from one program to the next in hopes that I was just seeing incorrectly or that maybe it was the lighting or something.  They both showed the same footage, from different angles and from any angle I watched, it was bad.

I will not comment on the skits that were done because that in itself is another blog entry that I wont even waste my time doing but those costumes. Urgh.  In all fairness, I did go to Saucy's blog, The Trinidad Carnival Diary and viewed her review of ISLANDpeople's Band Launch as well as her pictures and realized that the costumes looked way worse at the live launch.  The pictures were up close and personal and after viewing them, have seen a couple possibilities.  I mean, even the red costume shown in their teaser, The Scarlet I, wasn't appealing at the launch.  I believe it was a combination of the shitty lighting and corny skits that took away from that wow factor Friday night.

I thought with the delayed band launch (of a week) that the band's website would have gone up almost instantly and checked HERE on Saturday and there was a screensaver available for download.  Once this screensaver was downloaded, I saw the costumes AGAIN.  This was even better than the pictures on Saucy's website.  I got to see the costumes in better lighting and ALL of  the options, being the backlines, frontlines, individuals and males.  Males have problems this year as I'm seeing that not all sections, matter fact, many sections of many bands have just scrapped the male sections completely out.  After looking, relooking and basically forcing myself to like (forget love) more than one of the costumes, I announced boldly lol, that I'd be playing in The Scarlet I on my facebook page, sent out a message to people who wanted to play mas with me on my own personal carnival 2012 group. Well, usually I have an overwhelming response, not this time lol. Like I was on my own and I could literally hear the birds chirping along with their echos.  I am in no way a follower and take pride in being my own trendsetter and follow my own rules but really, who wants to play mas alone?  I mean, not even my sisters, the twins, who are carnival virgins wanted to give IP a fair chance for 2012 and I guess I can not blame them because I an all had trouble finding another section besides The Scarlet I to like.  ME, Mrs ISLANDpeople.

**On a hopeful note, I've been reliably informed that the committee members had a meeting yesterday and have decided to give a public announcement today about their 'costumes' and are doing a complete revamp after considering all the negative feedback from just about everyone who saw the band launch.  The only thing is, they've had all these months to prepare decent looking costumes and have come short, I don't see how they will be able to do a complete revamp in enough time to display them somewhere or somehow BEFORE the registration for  BLISS, Fantasy, SPICE, TRIBE or YUMA officially opens.  People have formed their opinions already and have already decided to jump ship.  If they can pull it off in enough time, dem is some super heroes for real!!!! I wish them the best of luck and feel in all honesty, they should chuck it up for 2012 and just start doing designs for 2013 cause 2012 was an epic fail.  I saw what they tried to do but it just didn't work out as visioned. Sorry IP.



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