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Could you imagine my face when I got these pictures sent to my bbm?  I guess this is one of the costumes that will be on the road In Natural Freaks' band for the Miami Carnival 2011.

I mean.
My mother taught me, if I have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.
I do have to ask though, what is this? Besides the nakedness of the costume, I myself would probably get some boots made and play in the damm thing but why would a woman feel the need to be so.......... overexposed on the road? All for carnival? Is this really what carnival is coming to?  Now if some man were to just come and grab off a piece of her costume and have her completely naked on the road, who fault would that be?  Hers for parading in a getup like that or his for grabbing it off? I just think its distasteful, yeah, thats a nice word. Lets stick to that one.  Hey, thats just MY opinion.

For a closer look click on the pictures



  1. This is very distasteful I agree this is not what Natural Freaks stand for this our family name that involves Kids Youths and Adults not being Vulgar shame shame shame !!!!!

  2. hello. what going on. can you please remove that posting you have about NATURAL FREAKS FIGHT EXPLAINED ON SUPA B'S MORNING SHOW. I explained nothing of the sort.

  3. Yes dear and the post was up dated when you cleaned it up. What did remain the same was the heading of the post but the content was rewritten.



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