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Last weekend I had an invitation to attend the Runway Cafe to view costumes of the top 5 bands in Miami.  I think it was to help promote the restaurant more than the costumes though because if you are part of the TOP 5 you don't need much promoting because your costumes speak for themselves. With all the free publicity facebook offers, come on.  Anywho, of the 5 that were supposed to be there only 4 showed up.  Of that 4 were China Mas, Generation X, Party People Mas and Wassi Ones.  

The invitation that I got read: Miami Carnival Band Leaders are assembling their costumes for live display in an array of colors and styles at the Runway Cafe between 3pm-10pm.

As most know I can't make too many events out there because of the recent birth of my son but it didn't stop me from knowing what tragically happened that night.  Wassi Ones had a model who previously modeled for Generation X.  When the time came for her to model the costume, she allegedly got booed, rather loudly and was called a traitor by the onlooking Generation X members.  The same group danced around the venue singing and laughing that their band was already 'sold out' and behaved in a childlike manner. After speaking with 'JP' of Generation X, I could tell he was not happy and was rather upset and disappointed by the alleged behavior.  He was unaware that it happened because he wasn't able to make the event either.  What he did confirm however was that Generation X was INDEED sold out and they ended up having to order more costumes to accommodate their masqueraders.  I was told another Band Leader (that I could not get a hold of so I will not name names) was extremely upset because it seemed as though the owners of this restaurant were proud supporters of Generation X and felt as though inviting the rest of bands was to sabotage them. There were also complaints made that live models were to model the costumes and Generation X only had video. 

Man, I don't know what actually happened but what I do know is, at the end of the day, Generation X has sold out every section and made room for more. Only question I have is, where my free costume? Cause allyuh make money to burn!



  1. A model is just doing that at the end of the day modeling! That is such childish behavior on the gen x masqueraders part. I'm glad my people an I just focus on getting on Wassi then taking time to boo people when we all just want to have a good time at carnival



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