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My facebook inbox is usually so full of party invitations and other nonsense that I usually don't check it but when I saw the name of my YUMA link I started reading.  I love getting little news and updates from her on YUMA just to be in the know.  Although I am not playing mas with them, that doesn't mean I dont want to be in the know. AKA ah fass lol.

I want you to keep in mind, this person has been actively registering newbies into YUMA before the general population registration begun.  Although she has the 'hookup' with them has chosen to play mas with ISLANDpeople Mas along with all her friends, An don't get it twisted, I'm not trying to credit or discredit any band, I am just trying to let people know what they're dealing with.  MY loyalties are MY loyalties which are with ISLANDpeople Mas, MY loyalties, MY choice. Everyone else is fair game, has their own opinions and their own choice. Anyway, the message goes as follows:
I tried getting in two girls in yuma yesterday and cause they fat i couldnt get them in and hear d girl nah why you trying to bring dem in yuma let them join ip so i was like they wanna play with she tell me to tell dem dey sell i told my friend and that was ting d girl call me back telling me she didnt know we revamped our costumes and she woulda rather play in ip so the two ofthem are back with us.



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