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This bust went down on Saturday and my source sent me these VERY up close and personal pictures since then but I was afraid to post pictures with sooo much drugs on this blog.  I was assured that it was okay because Trinidad and Tobago officials had a press conference concerning it and posted the story in The Trinidad Guardian already.

What I know is the narcotics were found in a container on the port in Point Lisas.  The container was sent from the US and in total it weighed a little over A TON!!!!  Really? The US is supplying drugs now? I thought the US was on the receiving end when coming to this drug game.  I'm also not understanding how someone or group of someones felt that a shipment of this magnitude would just slip through the cracks without being detected?  Unless it was an inside job.  They probably expected an appointed 'official' to be there to collect and disburse the drugs. I don't know. Could you imagine the street value of all of this? Those who were to profit from this deal must be crying right now. I know I would be.
side view
Allyuh ain't see how in the first picture, one of the bags saying 



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