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While I was doing my thing and my facebook was temporarily deactivated, for some strange reason like GOD wanted me to still know what was going on in the world because the people that I was get mobile status updates from, were STILL coming to my phone. I just couldn't comment on them without reactivating my facebook page. I wasn't ready then.
Good Lord it was tempting.  Ah read all kinda ting. I read how YUMA sellout. I hear that they're not really sold out but advertised that they were sold out to capitalize EVEN MORE by selling costumes bootleg. I hear how Saucy say The Holy Trinity of Carnival Bands is that of TRIBE, BLISS and YUMA. That Carnival Rehab announced that sections in ISLANDpeople Mas are completely sold out.  I heard people crying because YUMA is sold out and others are playing in sections that they don't even self LIKE all for the sake of being in the 'it' band.  (THAT one shock me)!! USE AH ASS?!?! Sorry, sorry, sorry lol. But seriously, crying and begging to be in a band? I personally haven't seen an UGLY costume in YUMA but if you don't like it, you don't like it. Yuh go spen yuh hard earn money to be in a costume you didn't fall completely in LOVE with? I'm not touchin dat. I wont say a blasted word.
 First things first. Thank God the notifications still came to my phone because I would not have believed half the things I was hearing. 2.TRIBE, BLISS and YUMA are definitely not the Holy Trinity of Carnival Bands. That is just the choice of we, the extremely young and wotless. We like nakedness and love to parade about in the feathers, beads and bikini mas opposed to the more traditional mas of yesteryear but it has those who would completely disagree with the Holy Trinity of Carnival remark because they fine ALL of the 'young people bands' look the same. I agree with that 110% hence the reason I choose to stick with ISLANDpeople every year. They are still a bead, feather and bikini band but I see a story, I see a ban that tries their hardest to stick to theme. (Even though this year it almost cost them carnival 2012). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and your personal experience will last forever. Don't go by the words of MOST that will just go with the flow and say what the next person has said. That's so..........High School.
 As for certain bands selling out, I know come November (if they even wait so long) Fine Ah Ban will be full of TRIBE and YUMA costumes for SALE! I'm here LMAO @ how infantile this all has become. Do you really have to go so far to prove a point that you'll say that your band is completely sold out? The better question is, to whom are you proving that senseless point?  And really YUMANs? You're crying? Read the beginning of this paragraph.  I know for a fact that YUMA isn't completely sold out as there are a group of five (who are still getting the hookup) but the hookup is waiting on 2 of the people money and for them all to make a decision.  Sold out my ass. Just as there is yet another band that isn't sold out but I am just not at liberty to say.

With the rumored ISLANDpeople sections that were announced sold out by Carnival Rehab, untrue as well! Carnival Rehab put up a facebook status, giving an update of what was sold out by ISLANDpeople Mas, which are The Scarlet I Large Wings, Element with the collar and Azula Frontline. No more, no less. Typical of facebook niggagram smh.  People, get a grip, its CARNIVAL! Not the second coming of Christ! Is it that serious? SMH *I mean it IS serious LMAO but not to be crying an ting, do yourself a favor, stop crying an rub elbows with the right people an get a hookup too!  Jeez.

Wait nah, still no mention of SPICE? LMAO



  1. O. M. G.
    Is it that serious indeed! I missed a couple days of reading blogs and FB and missed all this bachanal? Wayyyy sah. Get a grip folks. This just confirms what I've observed: too much "lil chirren" in the mas and they bring all this mass hysteria and over-exhuberance with them. *sigh*
    Where have all the right-thinking adults gone? My word it's only a bikini, beads, some fedders and liquor that plenty females DO NOT drink.

    Lemme step off the blogosphere some more before some of this insanity rubs off on me yes. LMAO



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