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This is in NO way a critique but just an observation. There are a few options to this Runway costume but I have to be honest, I don't really see people wearing many of them on the road.  The costume has so much fabric!!! This 'fabricy' look is signature Anya but in the midst of a beads, belt and bikini band?  Project runway was won by her consistency to plenty fabric, plunging necklines, halter tops or a combination of them all.  It was no surprise to me that the costumes looked the way they did.  The definite shocker to ME was this!

There is NO disrespect to Anya and everyone knows that I'm an IP girl and I've been an IP girl since their beginning.  However, one of the things I don't like is the fact that they don't get their respect when its due.  An dis rounds, anybody could get it.  Now you tell me, there are just way too many similarities with this new section RUNWAY and to that of AZULA.  Hmm, its also ironic how 'a designer' has also been in on ALL of IP's photo shoots. It pays to know (or have been with) one of the men on top.  Some of the IP haters will say that there are no comparisons but come ON people.  A blind man could see that these costumes are damn near an exact replica of one another.  Even if this wasn't intentional, it looks like 'people' had  loyalties to a band and made their own costume to suit because they wanted to play in Azula bad bad bad. This isn't factual eh people I'm #justsayin how it 'look'. Anyway, inspect it all how you want, watch it over and over, copy it, paste it, put it on facebook, twitter, tumblr, whatever you must. After everybody done bad talk me, the fact will still remain that ISLAND PEOPLE OWN COME FIRST!!!!!!!! BOOM!

For pictures on this debuted section click 
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