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I received the following letter in my inbox and thought I should share.  Please, join the cause.  I support this 110% as you should too. Spread the word!
Hi morning!
The group was formed yesterday after a meeting with Simone, Jamie, Courtney and myself. We are trying to get people talking about how we can respond to recent articles and improve festivals in NY, DC, FL, Atl, London and more to better reflect our culture and values so that they will not be a target of bias and be sustainable for many years. Too many times the festivals are plagued with poor management and being represented by vulgar behavior instead of the real intention of celebrating Caribbean culture. The essence of the festival is best described in the group description.

"This is a movement of Caribbean people focused on promoting better cultural awareness through our events and parades.

Recent episodes of violence, vulgarity and bigotry have stigmatized our people.

Therefore we seek to share ideas, foster better community relations while ensuring our parades are here for future generations.


Contact: and join the facebook group by clicking HERE.

We don't want to sit back and wait for others including WIADCA to do something when we have so many resources and ideas ourselves. We also suspect that those in leadership have lost sight of the goal of the festival and gotten lost in the machine of lobbying and fundraising.

The group is open and we hope people stay constructive with their comments and we come up with concrete ways to improve things so DC will be intact, Atl will be successful, Miami will flourish, Notting Hill will come back and NY will be safe.

Feel free to hit up Jamie from JayBlessed, Simone Arthur, Courtney K Williams for their perspectives also if you'd like.



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