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Here we go again.
While sorting some emails from years ago and surfing the web, I came across an article that nearly blew me clean away.  From what I gather now.  Women, no, let me correct that.  Black women now have to get I guess, court approval (a total of three white people) to approve the names that they are giving to their children.
Now I don't pay attention to much.  But some judge, somewhere, has put a stop to Black women naming their children names that can barely be pronounced by others.  Especially since there were a few mentioned in the article that could not even be deemed as English.  When I say English I mean there was one that involved hieroglyphics.  I coming from a diverse background both ethnic and religious can surely understand the importance of wanting to have a "different" name or one that has meaning or that's symbolic.  Take for instance.  I have four children, their names are Sarai, which is Ancient Hebrew for princess, there is Inahya, which is Ancient Hebrew for my answer, Shadai Shiloh, Shadai means (in Ancient Hebrew no doubt) God Almighty and Shiloh means peace/ heaven and lastly Izaiah also Ancient Hebrew for God is with us. All of those names are Hebrew yes, but they can be pronounced.  No one has to take a class to learn how to spell them.  Do you feel me?  I totally agree with the judge that something had to give with these outlandish names.  But do you think that they took it just a bit too far by saying that Black women have to get their children's names "approved by at least three white people" before it can be approved?  Wow, I knew that the damn US of A has taken a nosedive since Clinton left office, but this one in my opinion, has taken the cake. What you think?

The story can be read HERE  



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