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I have been waiting for approximately 2 weeks to be able to see this video. This video had the soca community of South Florida in a frenzy.  DJ Victorious gave me a call and told me to hurry up and come down to this video shoot.  When I did get there being in the video was the absolute last thing on my mind. It was in Miami and for those of you who have no idea, Miami is surrounded by water and contrary to popular belief, GETS COLD!!!! This video took ALL DAY and I must certainly commend those who had the diligence to stand, dance, drink, wine, basically fete an enjoy themselves, most of all - be in half naked costumes in that cold.  I went to sleep in the truck. Video that.

All in all, I'd like to give Victorious a little shout for being the featured DJ in the video.  It was also refreshing to see another SOCA video out there of a 'better quality' (for a lack of words) besides Machel you know?  Not taking anything from Machel because he is definitely a master at what he does but so is Kerwin.  Kerwin, like so many other Caribbean artists (not only the soca ones) don't get enough credit for their talent or accomplishments.  Kerwin did his thing. Nice video, check it out!
Talking about new video's another video that I found rather cute was Machel's video for Vibes Cyah Done



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