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Good day,

Island People has finally issued a statement, well, sort of a statement about Trinidad and Tobago's Girl Power event.  It reads:

Hi guys, some of you are still asking about Girl Power 2012 so we wish to clarify that the event was ended at 5am based on instructions from the police authorities. Unfortunately by this time, Machel Montano had not yet appeared on-stage as he was on-route to the venue after awaiting the results of the Soca Monarch competition. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and kindly request that persons seeking additional information send us an email to Thank you for understanding, and have a great weekend.

Right in the middle of Destra's performance the the authorities told her to end her 'act'.  it had those of us that thought it was a joke and were VERY confused but when she started pleading with the authorities to please give her an additional 5 minutes, we realized it was serious.  The abrupt end was a TOTAL disappointment seeing as this was the very first time I've attended Girl Power because Soca Monarch was always my choice.  It would have been a hell of a lot better if only Island People would have said something to the patrons of the event THAT NIGHT rather than leave us in this state of confusion UP TIL NOW, TWO WEEKS LATER via facebook status! 

Next year, please God I don't know if Girl Power will be in the lineup.



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