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I guess Machel was fed up of the 'hate' and decided to speak out and literally challenge his competitors! I agree with what he's saying and I do feel that rather than people criticize his work, they should put pen to paper and come out with some FIRE!!!! Tunes like P.Y.F. was released extremely late yet was on the tip of the tongue of everyone I knew.  Machel has the money it takes to promote his shit unlike many of the less fortunate artists.  Take for instance Swappi, Benjai, FayeAnn and Bunji (just to name a few).  Each artist had Road March worthy tunes but then you have Machel with his power house, his minions, his rags.....There were pink P.Y.F. rags ALL OVER TRINIDAD for carnival.  *Retarded me didn't catch on til carnival weekend INSIDE Insomnia fete, it hit me like a ton ah bricks when this woman was throwing the rags into the crowd right before Machel performed.  All in all, I think to make money you have to have money.  Money to promote yuh shit.  For Soca Monarch 2011, (wont speak of 2012 cause I haven't see it) all the antics Machel had as part of his performance, who could compete with that? *His dancers looking as though they were flying in, out and about the crowd and the stage.  At the end of the day, its a competition and its not about the song alone, its about the PERFORMANCE and that's what some people don't get.  I boycotted and hated carnival and Machel for 2011 because I was missing it due to pregnancy.  I wanted him and everyone else to lose EVERYTHING last year, all because I choose to make a baby lol but after seeing his performance, I an all had to give it to him.  Competitors CAN NOT come into the 'ring' expecting to just WIN because the chune nice or is liked/supported by the crowd.  Machel showing dem they have to come an work for it! Read the entire article HERE 



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