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Latin was a language that I learned in Middle School Philippa Schuyler and now I could really kick myself in the neck for not listening to my mother and pay attention.  You see, Latin isn't exactly a language that children learn in Middle School.  It's usually Spanish or French.  Now a days you have lots of languages to choose from but back then, it was Spanish or French.  So when we were offered to learn Latin, my mother was ecstatic and told me 'make sure an pay attention, there is no where else that you will be taught this language, its the language of all languages'.  I had no idea what she meant until I got into college.  Long story short, she was right.  I have never been given the opportunity to learn the language again and now I wish I payed closer attention.  In this article, pretty old article I may add but informative all the same. It's claiming that the daughter of power couple Beyonce and JayZ, Blue Ivy once spelled backwards is Latin for two words.  The two words were able to be found in the Latin language until recently.  I guess if anyone has a Latin/English translation dictionary handy, they'd be able to see for themselves but in the age of wifi, iPods, iPads, Macbooks, laptops, etc. Who has a book right?
I absolutely adore Jay and B, they did what every couple should do whether they poor like church mouse, they living comfortable or filthy rich.  They dated, got married, THEN had the baby.  Without all the Illuminati stuff, they would be perfect role models. In a way, I feel I want to leave this alone and not ask my classmate for that Latin/English translation book thats sitting on his bookshelf because I don't want to know.  I don't want to ruin this image I have of them.  But if I don't leave it alone and I do find out something that I don't 'really' want to know. What will it change?

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