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Yeah, I have really been neglecting this blog.  

The last time I neglected it for so long was when I was going through real  issues but the reason now is that there is just nothing interesting enough for me to post.  With carnival season approaching but still not as close as I would like it to be.  I'm left watching, *okay stalking all the carnival bands websites and facebook pages.  I don't think there is a youtube video that I haven't seen.  Listening to the every word of my insiders and getting upset that everything is so hush hush.  Wouldn't it all be coming out in the end anyway?  Why does everything have to be such a secret?

Who cares that a certain band just did a photo shoot last weekend.  What bearings does it have on anything?  Now if the pictures were leaked, now THAT'S a story!!! Ah fed up stalk Saucy page, fed up of unofficial 'news', disgusted with ISLANDpeople because I know more about their damn costume for Barbados than I know about band launch date for their 2013 presentation and that's unacceptable!  I HAVE AIRLINE TICKETS TO BUY AN THEY HAVE ME ON EDGE!!!!!!!!

Ok, I needed to get that out. 



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