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Victorious Entertainment & Vibez United Presents:
The 1st Annual Clash of the Soca Titans! 
August 18 2012. 
For DJ's who choose to participate is urged to audition by sending a 15 minute mix to The winner will be crowned "King/Queen of Miami", will receive a trophy and a plaque along with prize money. Not to mention the bragging rights for Miami Carnival.
Only 6 DJ's will be chosen. There will be 5 well qualified and experienced judges.
Submissions deadline will be June 16 @ 12AM Midnight. Contestants will be announced July 14th.
  1. Freestyle - Each DJ will display their raw tallent. Free to bouce from any genre to display your versatility.
  2. Around the World - DJ MUST represent ALL islands engaging crowd and win over our veteran judges.
  3. Remix King - Each DJ will have a chance to display their strongest remix to the crowd and judges (Your own personal remix).
  4. Crowd Control - Must be able to make your crowd yours. Capture them and manipulate them to cheer sing or dance. The more the crowd responds, the higher your points.
  5. Remix On the Spot - Each DJ will be given 2 (two) instrumentals. Your task is to create a remix on the spot with as much acapellas as you can in 5 (five) minutes.
Log on to for more info!



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