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Carnival Faces celebrates  diversity, life, beauty and strength through the Ultimate in Make-Up and Costume Artistry. Each of these custom-made VVIP costumes captures all faces and colors ofRibbons For The Cause in a vibrant myriad bursting out of the most luxurious of  silks. The spirit of movement and beauty merges with luxurious, jewel toned wings, and costuming allowing you to let go and get lost in the moment as you revel in the Celebration of life with Carnival Faces.
Carnival faces....... we celebrate our fifth year as a VVIP front of band section for Miami/Broward Carnival.   Celebration encompasses all the facets of Ribbons for the Cause - Big & Strong One Island Band......the costume is a collaboration of the talents of Jacqui Koon How (House of Jacqui, Trinidad), NerKeda Jones (silk fabric design - daughter of Heather Jones) and Trudy Young (Carnival Faces).  The bikini top and bottom can also be used on it's on for a fabulous day at the beach.   
Celebration is a  limited edition all female section catering to 25 masqueraders only...... personal security detail in addition to what is supplied by the band is also included.  For the DIVAs of the section accessories and a fabulous gift pack with everything to complete the experience will be supplied. in addition the members of the VVIP section will be able to use their costumes once more for Orlando Carnival 2013, Memorial Day weekend.   (Carnival Faces Vacation) Value for dollar.   There are two options available for the section in terms of costing $275. Costume and $300. which includes costume and Carnival faces Artistry.  (a $25 saving)  Make up is $50 for Miami Carnival with Carnival Faces for all other masqueraders of other bands.  Everyone in the section however receives a gift bag.  Registration is now open feel free to contact us with questions.

Trudy 561 445 7966  
Zondell 561 542 2051.



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