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To our Chosen few:
In the best interest of you our patron; VIP 500 has been postponed until further notice due to circumstances beyond our control. Our Highest Priority is making sure that we do not compromise the integrity of this brand. Unfortunately the officials of the fine town of Freeport were misinformed of the vision and quality of what VIP 500 brings. Sometimes these are the obstacles that we encounter when trying to maintain the standards of such an elite event.
We will continue on our quest to identify a suitable venue and date that can accommodate the brand that you have allowed us to establish and come to appreciate.
Distribution of monies collected for all sold tickets starts on Monday, July 30, 2012. Please contact your respective VIP 500 committee members for said refunds. We would like to complete the reimbursement process within the next 30 days.
Once again we thank you all for your continued support.  We will keep you informed of a future date for VIP 500.
With Sincere Apologies,
The VIP 500 Committee Members



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